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Our Math Focus

Number & Operations

Number sense is a major component of a student's general intuition about numbers and serves as the foundation for more advanced number skills.

The Real Number System


Arithmetic builds intuitive understandings of operations which enable the ability to make generalizations, building pathways to algebraic understandings.

Equations & Expressions


Measurement provides a rich and meaningful content for the use of number skills and spatial concepts. It also serves as a critical foundation for advanced math skills.

Units & Attributes


Geometric thinking requires reasoning with the properties and relationships of geometric figures: points, lines, angles, surfaces, solids, and dimensionality.

Spatial Properties

Data Analysis & Probability

Collecting, summarizing, comparing, and presenting data requires advanced analytical tools and understandings.

Numerical Data & Distribution

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the process of skillfully applying, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and conceptualizing information to reach conclusions.

Logic & Reasoning

What level is your child on?

New students are assessed to determine accurate placement according to their current level of mathematical proficiency, not by age or grade. Our goal at Growing IQ, is to ensure that each child is placed in a learning environment that will simultaneously nurture and challenge them.

1 hour per week

3 levels in total

Experience the power of play

2.5 - 6 years old

Math Music Motion exposes your child to mathematical concepts through the creative infusion of music and motion.

2 hours per week

6 levels in total

Derive & Discover

4 years old to 6th grade

Growing IQ develops your child's mindset through the discovery and exploration of math concepts, emphasizing critical thinking.

2 hours per week

2 levels in total

Tackling problems logically

6th grade to 8th grade

Coding Logic bridges math, computational thinking, and computer science engineering to prepare your child for the technological world we live in today.

Find out how we can help your child

Learn more about our levels and our math focus.

Experience the power of play

2.5 - 5 year olds

Math Music Motion will have your child participate in sensory-rich learning experiences that foster growth in all early childhood development areas. We provide foundational mathematical skills on a creative and artistic educational platform.

1 hour per class

$500 per class

3 levels available

Derive & Discover

4 - 12 year olds

Growing IQ allows children to analyze, discover, and examine their mathematical learning. Our students are inspired to problem-solve through thinking critically and creatively, while taking ownership of their own learning and growth.

2 hour per class

$1000 per class

5 levels available

Primary Interview Preparation

Testing in Fall 2024

Growing Little Minds readies your child for the admissions process by building confidence to help them shine during interviews and testing for primary school. Gain an edge to showcase your child's talents and true potential.

1.5-2 hour per class

$850-$1100 per class

2 levels available



Typical Grade Range: Preschool to K

Enables students to fully grasp the fundamental skills necessary for success in higher learning.



Typical Grade Range: K to Grade 1

Introduces students to abstract concepts that will become more prevalent in higher mathematics.



Typical Grade Range: Grade 1 to 3

Students utilize previously learned skills to analyze and navigate multi-step problems in innovative ways.



Typical Grade Range: Grade 3 to 5

Provides students with important opportunities to communicate and justify their thinking processes.



Typical Grade Range: Grade 4 to 6

Students build bridges of comprehension between various mathematical domains.



Typical Grade Range: Grade 5 to 7

Students tackle large projects which require a multitude of mathematical skills to complete.

Our Levels

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