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We want children to...

Understand mathematical concepts deeply and develop the ability to think critically

We encourage opportunities for kids to...

Because learning happens
when we are struggling and making mistakes.

A new and better way for kids to learn math

Supporting 2.5 to 12 year olds in building strong mathematical foundations and powerful growth mindsets through hands-on learning.

Growing IQ is a Growth Mindset-based curriculum

that focuses on concepts rather than memorization of procedures.

Our Mission

To create a learning environment where students can develop a passion for learning mathematics, and approach the subject with curiosity, creativity, intuition, and most importantly excitement. We are here to help our students develop a growth mindset which will provide them with an edge at school and eventually in the real world.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping your child on their journey of learning.  We understand that every child is unique in their way of learning, and we are here to develop their skills while empowering their innate confidence. We believe that a child must first believe in themselves to excel in school and life. Self-confidence is the key to success.

Why is math a core curriculum in schools around the world?

Math is a universal language and a multi-dimensional subject that requires reasoning, creativity, and connection-making. Everything stems from Math, it is the basis for Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and more. To master complex skills, your child would need a firm grasp of elementary concepts to build a solid foundation.

So, how can we help your children excel in math?

We need to change the way
our children learn math!

Our programs and camps start at the Conceptual level of mathematical understanding and expand into Procedural and Critical Thinking. Meanwhile, many schools and mainstream math curriculums start from procedures and stay in this approach without delving into the other two.

Emphasis on Collaborative Learning

Helping kids to work together as they build conceptual understanding, mathematical proficiencies, and a love of problem-solving to develop growth mindsets.

Math is not about memorization or speed, nor is it about endless repetition.

We build mathematical confidence in children

Critical thinking skills are enhanced because your child is actively engaged in our program.

We focus on what matters.

Our Programs

Experience the power of play

2.5 - 5 year olds

Math Music Motion will have your child participate in sensory-rich learning experiences that foster growth in all early childhood development areas. We provide foundational mathematical skills on a creative and artistic educational platform.

1 hour per class

$500 per class

3 levels available

Derive & Discover

4 - 12 year olds

Growing IQ allows children to analyze, discover, and examine their mathematical learning. Our students are inspired to problem-solve through thinking critically and creatively, while taking ownership of their own learning and growth.

2 hour per class

$1000 per class

5 levels available

Primary Interview Preparation

Testing in Fall 2024

Growing Little Minds readies your child for the admissions process by building confidence to help them shine during interviews and testing for primary school. Gain an edge to showcase your child's talents and true potential.

1.5-2 hour per class

$850-$1100 per class

2 levels available

Find out how we can help your child

New students are assessed to determine accurate placement according to their current level of mathematical proficiency, not by age or grade. Our goal at Growing IQ, is to ensure that each child is placed in a learning environment that will simultaneously nurture and challenge them.

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