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Elf-tastic Holiday Adventures

In this 5-day camp, students will participate in Christmas-themed activities as they learn and apply real-world Math concepts which are designed to suit their ability. In our elf-tastic adventures, travel through "Christmas Candy Land" for a sweet adventure; help us prepare the reindeer for flight during "Reindeer Round Up"; and assist in "Santa's Workshop" as he get gifts ready to be delivered around the world.

For Level 1: Christmas Candy Land

For Level 2: Reindeer Round Up

For Level 3: Santa's Workshop

For 5 - 10 Year Olds

19th - 23rd December


Level 1 - 3: 9:00am-12:00pm


4/F, China Hong Kong Tower,

8-12 Hennessy Road, Admiralty



HK $5,500/week


Christmas Candy Land

Join us on this sweet adventure! In this 5-day camp, students will engage in hands-on, explorative activities to help navigate their way through Christmas Candy Land. Students will be introduced to the following concepts:

  • Number recognition

  • Addition and subtraction

  • Pattern recognition (repeating patterns)

  • Basic geometric shapes

  • Length and size measurement

Level 1

Reindeer Round Up

It is the most important time of the year - Christmas Day! The reindeer have gotten lost and need rounding up to lead Santa through the skies! Students will use their problem-solving skills to make their way through different mathematical concepts, including:

  • Number sense

  • Ordinal numbers

  • Directionality

  • Telling time

  • Interpreting data and graphs

Level 2

Santa's Workshop

The best part of Christmas is opening presents; but who is going to wrap them? Join us to learn the odds and ends that come with Christmas gifts: building, wrapping, and decorating! During this 5-day camp, students will be exposed to the math behind Christmas preparations through the following concepts:

  • Skip counting

  • Sequences

  • Fractions

  • Currency

  • Estimation

  • Number relationships

  • 2D and 3D shapes

  • Spatial reasoning

  • Critical thinking

  • Perimeter

  • Area

Level 3

Investigate activities through the 5C's of mathematical engagement:

Curiosity, Challenge, Collaboration,

Critical Thinking & Creativity

Join in the

Christmas Fun

Program Benefits Include:

  • Learning new concepts in fun and creative ways

  • Themed Math activities and projects

  • Establishing mathematical and critical thinking foundations

  • A certificate

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