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Summer Explorers


Derived from our Math Music Motion program, Growing IQ brings you a week-long, summer-themed camp designed for your young learners. Using elements of motion and music, students will be exposed to math concepts that will entice their critical thinking skills.

和我們的數學音樂舞動課程一樣,Growing IQ為你們的孩子打造一個以數學為主題的夏令營。透過舞蹈和音樂,讓孩子們沉浸在數學的概念,發展他們的批判性思考和邏輯思維。

What kinds of things will my child learn?  孩子們會學到

  • Counting Sequences  數字順序

  • Quantities  數量

  • 2D Shapes  二維幾何圖形

  • Length  長度

  • Repeated Patterns  規律模型


2.5 - 3.5 Years

Time:  9:00 - 10:00 am

3.5 - 5 Years

Time:  10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Week 1: July 3rd - 7th

Week 3: July 17th - 21st

Sunshine Adventurers


Does your student love dancing, singing, and crafting? Do they know how to count or show a fascination for numbers? Math Music Motion is designed to expose students to math concepts using elements of music and motion. Join us in our week-long summer themed camp!

你的孩子喜歡舞蹈、唱歌和手工制作嗎?他們會不會對數字著迷?我們的數學音樂舞動課程專門為你的孩子提供一 個愉快學習數學的環境,讓孩子們透過舞蹈和音樂去尋找學習數學的樂趣。我們的數學夏令營等你來參加!

What kinds of things will my child learn?  孩子們會學到

  • Quantities 數量 

  • More and Less 多少 

  • Equal Parts 等份 

  • Spatial Reasoning  空間邏輯思維

  • Sorting 分類 


2.5 - 3.5 Years

Time:  9:00 - 10:00 am

3.5 - 5 Years

Time:  10:30 am - 12:00 pm  CLOSED (SESSION FULL)

Week 2: July 10th - 14th

Week 4: July 24th - 28th

Available Themes

(2.5 to 5 Year Olds)

Ready to start your Math journey?

Let us help your children excel.



In this Summer Program, students will discover themed activities applying real-world Math concepts designed to suit their ability.



Support their learning today!



For Ages: 2.5 - 11 year olds

Dates: 3rd July - 11th August



Times: Details below


Join in the Summer Fun

Program Benefits Include:

  • Learning new concepts in fun and creative ways

  • Themed Math activities and projects

  • Building solid mathematical and critical thinking foundations

  • A certificate to take home


Think, try and explore!

Number & Operations



Data Analysis


Critical Thinking

Number Ninjas


Are numbers your greatest enemy? Does Math have you hiding in the shadows? Let us help you defeat the Math monsters using hands-on tools and teamwork to master your way through addition, subtraction, place-value, patterns, and more! Number Ninjas builds a foundation for young learners to explore numbers and operations, while training to become a ninja!

你最大的敵人是數字嗎? 數學讓你恐懼了嗎?讓我們一起運用手作工具和團隊合作去掌握加法、


What kinds of things will my child learn?  孩子們會學到

  • Addition  加法

  • Subtraction  減法 

  • Word Problems 文字題 

  • Coordinates  坐標 

  • Repeated Patterns  重複規律模型

  • Growing Patterns  遞增規律模型

  • Referring to a Key  參照圖例

  • Currency  貨幣


Grades: Incoming K3 and P1

Time:  9:00 - 12:00

Week 1: July 3rd - 7th  CLOSED (SESSION FULL)

Week 3: July 17th - 21st

Week 4: July 24th - 28th  CLOSED (SESSION FULL)

Week 5: July 31st - August 4th  CLOSED (SESSION FULL)

Data Detectives


Can you manipulate data and solve the Mathematical mystery? Join us in unlocking the secrets hidden in the data. Learn how to turn data into visual representations through collection, sorting, classification, and interpretation in this weeklong camp.



What kinds of things will my child learn? 孩子們會學到 

  • Picture Graph  象形圖

  • Bar Graph  棒形圖

  • Line Graph  折線圖

  • Venn Diagram  溫氏圖

  • Classification  分類

  • Fractions  分數

  • Ratios  比率

  • Probability  概率


Grades: Incoming P2 and P3

Time:  9:00 - 12:00

Week 2: July 10th - 14th

Week 4: July 24th - 28th  CLOSED (SESSION FULL)

Week 6: August 7th - 11th  CLOSED (SESSION FULL)

Geometry Treehouse


Growing IQ brings you a project-based class allowing students to apply their natural tendencies to the learning process. In this weeklong camp, students will explore the math involved in designing a treehouse by learning about the area of two- and three-dimensional shapes, surface area, ratio, scale, fractions, and more!

Growing IQ為你提供專題研究課程,讓學生應用他們固有的知識和旨趣於學習過程當中。


What kinds of things will my child learn?  孩子們會學到

  • Area  面積

  • Perimeter  周界

  • Surface Area  表面積

  • Budgeting  財務預算

  • Decimals  小數

Grades:  Incoming P4 and P5

Time:  9:00 - 12:00

Week 1: July 3rd - 7th

Money Matters


Week 2: July 10th - 14th

Week 3: July 17th - 21st

What does it take to start your own business? How do you budget and how do you calculate the rate of return on your investment? Growing IQ brings you a real-life problem-solving class where students will start their own mock-business, make decisions such as capital investments, business locations, staffing, pricing, and other variables. Combining Math and business decisions will make students think about how they allocate resources!

自己創業需要什麼? 你會如何制定預算方案以及如何計算投資回報率?Growing IQ 為你設計



What kinds of things will my child learn? 孩子們會學到 

  • Revenue  收益

  • Profit  利潤

  • Unit Costs  單位成本

  • Multiplication  乘法

  • Division  除法

  • Graphs  圖表

Grades:  Incoming P4 to P6

Time:  9:00 - 12:00

Available Themes

(5 to 11 Year Olds)

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