Math Music Motion

A revolutionary toddler program to build solid mathematical foundations


The uniqueness of our program is derived from the incorporation of math, music, and motion into one interconnected curriculum. These three extraordinary pillars of early childhood development form a bridge between the mind and the body to create opportunities to develop an early aptitude for math and strengthen your child's growth.

We focus on what matters

Sensory-rich learning experience

Solid mathematical foundation

Cognitive development

Emotional development

Social development

Motor development

Curriculum & Levels


Mathematical Maestros

2.5 to 3.5 years old

Mathematical Maestros provides an introduction to foundational mathematical skills, while fostering intellectual growth and development. To meet the unique needs of young learners, Mathematical Maestros includes a dynamic curriculum which explores a variety of mathematical and musical concepts in a sensory-rich, fun, and engaging learning environment.

Creative Calculators

3.5 to 4.5 years old 

Creative Calculators builds on foundational skills, presenting children with enriched applications of developmentally appropriate practices, paired with a wide variety of techniques and materials encouraging varied learning styles and overall retention. Creative Calculators focuses on the exploration of early mathematical concepts, music theory, and motor development.

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Ready to learn with us?

Regular class details

Held once a week


1 hour per class


5 students max

5:1 Student to Teacher ratio

HK$500 per class